Underground Sun — Fourth and Fifth Paragraph (Draft)

Her skin was made of cold, dark iron and was covered in a muted-brown vest and skirt. Deep-dark sapphire strands fell down to cover her ears and half her face, ending in half-curls at her neck. Her fingers were tipped with dark-purple geode-clustered crystals that shifted ever so slightly in the light, and black spheres above her nose held fierce forest green rings that pierced the gaze of the boy as she stood.

His cheeks flushed with a rosy-golden glint as he stared back. Her hair was a beautiful blue abyss in the bright world he lived in to him, and her green eyes pulled his in like they were stroking the ribbons of fire coming out of his eyes. Her cold skin made him feel grounded and whole, like he was not as tied to the diamond sun as everyone said he was. And her fingers entranced him in the way they were not whole or perfect, unlike his rounded and flat nails. But to her, he was nothing — just another obstacle in her way. She pursed her lips, pulling her cold, antagonizing stare away from him as she stood, looking at the diamond sun.

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