Underground Sun – Second and Third Paragraph (Draft)

Clear sunlight greeted the boy’s pale, orange, fiery eyes like new friends as he emerged out of the bouquet of glinting rainbows. His translucent skin showed all the elegantly sorted ridges of veins built throughout his body. His heart beat quickly, blood flowing to the surface of his skin, taking in the fresh rays of light like a parched animal lapping up water, and turning his skin opaque — into a shimmering silvery sea with shifting pearlescent highlights. His opal-tipped fingers unbuttoned and released a grassy vest as he broke out into a run, wind catching his smooth, long, flowing golden hair.

He climbed out to the ridge of the wall and looked out. A creature with a beak and glass leaves coating its skin glided by, looking like a tiny angel with a plume of blue hair sticking up from its head. Light from a diamond-shaped sun spread across the expanse of emerald tipped trees and flowing peridot fields, attended to by the metallic men alongside their copper cattle. Upon an obsidian cliff-side, a young lady sat, staring at him.

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